Lighting the Path of Change

In 2006, Alex and his wife Anna embarked on a new journey, settling into their Boston home in the vibrant USA. Amid the excitement of this new chapter, they encountered a challenge that would spark a transformative path for them. Anna, a makeup professional, struggled with inadequate bathroom lighting. The precision her work demanded was often compromised, as the bathroom lighting failed to reflect daylight conditions accurately.

In an unexpected turn of fate, Alex's connection with a Chinese mirror supplier, born from his entrepreneurial aspirations, held immense promise.With a manufacturing legacy spanning over two decades, this supplier caught Alex's attention, planting the seeds of what would become Amorho. Recognizing the potential, Alex saw LED mirrors as the solution to the lighting dilemma.

Driven by the belief that bathrooms should be sanctuaries of relaxation, Alex ventured to China to explore collaboration possibilities. Witnessing the manufacturing process and establishing a strong partnership, Amorho was born.

Reflections of Innovation 

Back home, Alex replaced their bathroom mirror with an exquisite LED variant. It not only transformed Anna's daily routine but also introduced a sense of contemporary luxury. As they contemplated diverse housing options in the US, including Single Family Single-Detached and Semi-Detached Houses, Multi-Family units, and rentals, Amorho's versatile sizes and drill-free installation became a universal fit.

Guided by his visionary spirit, Alex named the brand "AMORHO," a fusion of "Amor" (love) and "Horizon" (symbolizing connection). He viewed mirrors as bridges between inner emotions and outer aesthetics, reflecting authenticity.

As an experienced product manager, Alex reengineered the LED mirror with meticulous attention. Collaborating with expert designers, he enhanced functionality and aesthetics, imprinting his personal touch.

Mirrors that Transform Life

Today, Alex and Anna have adorned their entire Boston residence with Amorho's LED mirrors. From grooming to skincare, these mirrors enhance every experience. The mirrors' optimal lighting ensures perfection before stepping out.

Amorho's mirrors are more than functional—they're lifestyle enhancers. Discover the power of Amorho mirrors, beginning in the bathroom and extending to every home corner. Embrace mirror innovation with Amorho: 20+ years of enduring elegance at an accessible price.