What is the depth of this frame?

It's 3cm.

Can it be hung horizontally?

The oval mirror can be hunged horizontally.

Is this mirror stainless steal?

This round mirror is metal framed but not stainless steel.

Did the mirror come with necessary screws to hang?

Yes, our Mirror comes with all mounting hardwares for hanging.

When turned on with a wall switch, will the lights "remember" their last on/off state or does the mirror have to be switched on every time?

If it is controled by wall switch, when you turn on again, the led mirror will remember the last lighting setting. But the anti-fog function will not be remembered.

Can I have a wall switch control the lights and have the defog heater not turn on unless initiated by the mirror touch button?

Yes. This is exactly how my mirrors work.

How many lumens does the light have?

Each led is 15 lumen. LED mirrors of different size are all with different lumens. For this 48x32 inch mirror, the total lumen is 9074 lumen

What is the depth of the mirror

The depth of this led mirror is 1.5''

Does smart memory function work when hard wired?

The lighting setup will work by hard wired, the anti-fog function will not, it is needed to turn on on button.

Is this product ul or etl listed? please give me accurate answer

This LED mirror is ETL listed.

Can i use this for my room?

This LED mirror is specially designed for bathroom because of the special function of anti-fog. It is ok to use it in your room, but it is better power off the LED light when you sleep, because there will be a faint blue light of the touch button when you turn off the lighs. We donot want it to disturb your sleep.

Is it dimmable from the wall switch?

Hi, this is not dimmable from wall swich. It is dimmable by long pressing the middle button.

Does the mirror have to be wired to an on/off switch to use the memory function?

And both plug in and hardwiring have memory functions.

Is there a way to turn off all three blue buttons so it doesn't shine in my face when I try to sleep?

Yes turn the lights off then press and hold the light button to turn off its light and then the defog to turn its off.

How long is the cord in inches?

Hi, this cord is 150cm, 59inches.

What is the wattage of the LED strips used on the mirror?

Dear Sir, different mirror LED strips are with different wattage. For this mirror: 40 x 32 inch, each led strip is 48W, there are two led strips in this mirror, so totally twice 48 W.

Someone please provide the location of the power cord coming out of this mirror so we can place the wall oulet in the correct spot ? thanks

Hi, Thanks for your interest on Amorho LED Mirror 40x 32 inch. The power cord is around the middle of the mirror. the Power box was in the bottom right corner if horizontally mounted and bottom left corner if vertically mounted. The cord is 1.5 meter length, I would like to suggest place the outlet in the middle of the mirror.

Does this mirror turn on and off at the light switch or do you have to also press power button in mirror too

When the power for LED mirror is on, you can press the touch button to turn on/off the LED lights, but when the lights is off, the button is still with a blue indicator light. When you turn off the lights by switch (hardwair installation), the LED lights are totally off. And there is no any lights on button.

1. Is there a plug on the power wire? 2. Does the defroster come on automatically or do you need to push the button?

Yes, there is a plug on the power wire. If the button is on blue light, means the defroster is off.

Is the defogger on when the light is blue or white?

Hi, When the defoger is on, the button color is white; when the defogger is off, the button color is blue.

What is the depth from the wall? Are light strips visible from the side or is there a diffuser?

This square led mirror is 1.5inch from the wall, the led strip is build-in, you cannot see the leds from outside of mirror, just the lights coming from the inside.

Can antifog be disabled by default? I don't want it to turn on unless I press the button. It produces unnecessary heat and wastes electricity.

Anti-fog only comes on if you hit the button. You then would have to turn it off when you're done with it. If it's off it will stay off until next time you turn it on.

Is there an auto shut off feature?

There is no auto shut off feature.

Does the anti-fog button change colors, letting you know when it is on?

Yes. the button colors will change. When it is on, the color is white, when it is off, the button light color is blue. You can also remember the colors difference by lighting button. when Light is on, the color is white. So in this way, you can distinguish the color on and off. And the Anti-fog funtion will turn off automaticly after 90 mins.

Can the electric be hard wired ?

This led Mirror is not hard wired, there are three wire and the electrican will know how to do it. The main problem is it is hevery, please take care when install it.

Can you use a wall switch to turn this mirror on/off?

yes, you can use the wall switch to turn on /off the led light on the mirror, and it will remain the last lighting setting. But the wall switch cannot adjust the lighting mode and dim it.

Can this be wired to a light switch?

Yes, I have it wired to a light switch. just keep in mind, none of the options (dimming, heating, etc...) will not work while the switch is off.

Can you turn on the back light only without turning on the front light?

Sorry, the backlight and front light are synchronous, and controlled together