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Ultra thin shatterproof glass

Amorho's mirror brings you an ultra-thin experience, with an anti shatter film that makes it harder for the glass to penetrate and holds broken pieces in place, ensuring safety and easy cleaning.

Corrosion prevention

amorho's mirrors are coated with epoxy resin and have anti-corrosion properties, making them sturdy and durable even after 30 days of rigorous acid testing.

Touch function

By touching, you can freely adjust the lighting and capture each focal point position.
The touch function allows you to enter a new world, interact with mirrors, and interact with the future

Solid aluminum alloy frame

The meticulously crafted black bathroom mirror is made of high-quality aluminum alloy frame material, making our mirror lighter, more metallic, sturdy and durable, waterproof and rust resistant in humid environments.

Energy Conservation

Unique lighting system with precise lighting, minimizing light waste and making mirrors more efficient.

Powerful light irradiation

Innovative light transmission technology, precise lighting, 3 adjustable gears to meet your different needs, and memory function to retain the previous brightness setting when turning on again


Dual LED light strip

Dual LED light strips inside and outside. Choose your preferences from warm light (3000K), natural light (4000K), to white light (6000K) to make your space bright.

Customized Art

In a unique bathroom space, a unique mirror surface is customized to achieve your taste.

Anti fogging

Amorho adopts a more complex manufacturing process, which involves a thin conductive coating on the back of the mirror, usually a layer of metal or conductive oxide.

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