Aesthetic Definition of Company Mirrors

The bathroom mirror is the foundation of Faber's philosophy. The bathroom is an imagined extension of the living interior. This space, like other parts of our home, reflects our personality, aspirations, and taste.

The bathroom represents an intimate and private space, a moment when we dedicate ourselves to our own happiness. The concept of a living bathroom amplifies this idea, turning the bathroom into the interior of life. Fulper transcended the classic concept of happiness, interpreting it as not only a concern for oneself, but also a pursuit of beauty that benefits the soul.A beauty perceived through gaze, as well as through touch and smell, recognizing the authenticity and outstanding decoration of materials: Amorho's mirrors are coated with epoxy resin, and after 30 days of rigorous acid testing, they are still sturdy and durable. The epoxy resin coating has wear resistance, overall chemical resistance, and protection against ultraviolet radiation. It extends
The mirror surface is more durable and ensures freshness and light cleanliness. Epoxy resin is a polymer compound with good coating properties, chemical corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Therefore, in the field of painting, epoxy resin coatings can reinforce the surface of different materials such as metals, concrete, and plastics as a protective layer to improve the appearance and appearance of materials.

Carpentry is the starting point in the production of furnishings and accessories.Alongside machinery and cutting-edge technology-nesting in finishing, milling, boring and edging-the hands of our experts have been working for years, creating every single detail with the utmost curation.

The profound knowledge of wood held byFalper artisans manifests itself above all in the step in which materials are finished. Lacquering and wood finishes are directly applied in several coats, according to a precise andcomplex application and drying process.

Apply a mirror coating on the back or surfaceof the mirror as needed to achieve areflective effect. This coating can improvethe performance of bathroom mirrors,such as anti fog, anti-corrosion, etc.

Innovation and Design

Continuous aesthetic and formal research, coupled with technical and craftsmanship knowledge, has made AMORHO a reference point for luxurious interior furniture in bathroom mirrors.

Thanks to internationally renowned designers and young creative professionals, the company's spirit, planning for minimal details, and its unique but important style have been interpreted. The result is a directory,Only innovative and iconic products are included, with all products featuring the smallest lines. Over the years, the company has gained widespread recognition, including the Dutch Gold Dot Design Award.

Choose a glass material suitable for bathroom mirrors, usually using reflective glass that is moisture-resistant, mold resistant, and easy to clean.Design and measurement: Based on customer needs and bathroom space dimensions, design and measure to determine the shape, size, and layout of bathroom mirrors.

As an important element of the bathroom, mirrors are combined with other furniture accessories to share their style essence and high-quality standards.Each mirror is designed with a back structure that ensures a flat surface and perfect image reflection.

Using professional cutting equipment, cut theglass into the required size and shape accordingto the measurement results. When cutting, ensure that the edges are flat and free from cracks or scratches.Process the edges of the cut mirror, usually including edge grinding, polishing, or chamfering, to improve safety and aesthetics.