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Transforming Bathrooms with Influencers: A Case Study with Chris Loh

Transforming Bathrooms with Influencers: A Case Study with Chris Loh


Not long ago, we initiated an influencer program, inviting individuals whose style aligns with our brand and who have a passion for bathroom upgrades. Our goal was to showcase our products through high-quality videos, providing our users with authentic experiences and valuable references for their own bathroom renovations. Today, I'm excited to share our first influencer collaboration with Chris Loh, a long-time friend and a content creator for Amorho Mirror.

Meet Chris Loh


Chris Loh boasts an impressive following of 47,000 fans. His personal bio reads, "Hydroponics, DIY Projects, Lifestyle and More!" Chris is a product review enthusiast who uses professional equipment for his shoots. When asked about his daily filming gear, he revealed, "I use a number of different cameras for different angles. My main front-facing camera is typically a Sony A7iii or A7iiis. My overhead camera is a Canon D80. My side camera is a Sony 4K camcorder. And for B Roll, I usually use my iPhone 14 Pro Max."

Our Collaboration with Chris

For our collaboration, we sent Chris two mirrors – a large one  (72"x36")
and a small one(24"x36"), catering to the different configurations of his bathrooms. We were truly honored to witness his professionalism in video shooting, editing, and outstanding presentation.

Before-and-After Bathroom Transformation 




Through the images, it's clear to see how our Amorho mirrors, equipped with dual lighting, significantly elevate the bathroom's ambiance, creating a more pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, they create an illusion that makes the bathroom appear larger—a crucial trick for smaller spaces.










When the mirror was installed and the protective film was removed, simply press the mirror's light button. You can witness an expression of surprise on the assistant's face! Capturing this expression demonstrates the mirror's remarkable brightness effect!

Creating the Illusion of Space

When it comes to making a bathroom look more spacious, there are several clever design tricks worth considering. Whether through decor, mirrors, or layout adjustments, these tips can instantly brighten and enlarge your space.

  • An Ingenious Layout
  • Be Selective With Your Material Choices
  • Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is particularly effective for making a small bathroom look more extensive. Selecting mirrored or light-colored furniture and investing in good lighting can make a world of difference. Our Amorho mirrors offer exceptional reflectivity, enhanced brightness, and a sleek design with modern light-colored materials—all contributing factors to making bathrooms appear more spacious.


Our collaboration with Chris Loh was a fantastic experience. His dedication and expertise in creating engaging content allowed us to showcase the transformative power of Amorho mirrors. With their exceptional reflective properties, heightened brightness, and contemporary design, our mirrors are an excellent choice for those looking to make their bathrooms feel larger and more inviting. Remember, the key to a spacious bathroom is not just about size; it's about smart design choices.

Check Chris's Video Here


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